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Be Our Partner

Promote Ad-Assistant and earn $105 

for every new customer!

Join Algomizer, one of the fastest growing success stories in online marketing for small business owners. Promote Ad-Assistant, Algomizer’s revolutionary tool for SMB’s, and earn $105 for every new customer!


Take advantage of our partners program to earn an additional income. Drive as much traffic as you can, and get paid for every registered customer you refer!

How does it work?

1. Apply as an Algomizer partner.

2. Start promoting Algomizer’s Ad-Assistant using all free media kit & links we provide you with

3.  Get paid – earn $105 when each referral you send signs up and confirms payment details.

4.  Launch and manage your campaigns from your dashboard. Track your traffic, view detailed statistics, customize reports, check your payments and more

Boost your revenues easily!

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