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The future of Safe Website Content
Protect your loved-ones from inappropriate content

Safe Web


A unique product that offers protection from inappropriate web content.

This is a great product for parents or institutions looking to keep children safe from any inappropriate online content.

Website blocking

Detects when a user tries to navigate through an inappropriate website. The user is redirected to a landing page containing a  notification that the site is blocked for surfing.

Search blocking

Detects when a user tries to search for an inappropriate keyword. The search is immediately blocked. Future queries are redirected to Yahoo! Safe Search.

Image blocking

Detects inappropriate visuals on a pre-displayed website. Images and videos are masked during the page load process and the users aren't able to see them.

The product has a predefined defense layer. The users have full control over the settings which are password locked. This step prevents unauthorized users or children from making changes.

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