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 Programmatic Online Advertising 
Online advertising to reach a larger scale of users

Real-Time Bidding


Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is the process of buying and selling ads impressions in 100 milliseconds via auction. nRoll sets advertisers' bids for these impressions based on targeted parameters. Those parameters implement a programmatic buying system designed to optimize ad expenditure. 

RTB allows advertisers to bid and buy criteria-targeted impressions, eliminating wasted ad expense.

RTB Technology

Publishers connect with an RTB-enabled Ad exchange to fill their inventory with ads. nRoll, as a demand-side buyer acting on your behalf, integrates our bidding engine technology with these supply partners to bid for the impressions in real-time.


  • Pick the best impressions in real-time.

  • Dynamic pricing of each impression, helping ad spent optimization.

  • Cross-exchange buying for large-scale world-wide reach, while minimizing your risk.

  • Frequency capping across millions of savvy users. 

  • Bid data transparency: always know exactly what you bought and how much you are paying.

With our real-time bidding technology unitedly with our partner-publishers, exchanges, and advertisers, we collaborate to provide increased value in programmatic online advertising and to reach a larger scale of users

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