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Where Fashion meets Technology
Online Shopping for Fashion  
is finally easier

 Fashion Shopping is finally easier!


How many times did you see someone's clothes and just wished to know where they are from?

Algomizer developed an innovative product that allows you to purchase fashion items based on any image you viewed on social networks, online sites or from your own photo library. 

How? We use a unique image recognition algorithm.

Desktop Chrome Extension


Did you see an image of a garment you liked and want to buy it? All you have to do is to click on TFR's extension. 

Within seconds our unique product presents you a list of e-commerce where you can buy this exact item! 

Mobile Messenger Bot


Our Messenger Bot is very easy to use. The Bot is also great to track a specific item. All you have to do is: 
1. Choose an image

2. Share it with TFR Bot

3. The Bot lists its search results

4. Start shopping online!

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