It’s all ‘Bout the Mobile

February 20, 2017



What was a pretty known fact even before the last survey conducted by Google, just got its ratification: the mobile phone has taken over most of our lives and clinched the top spot as the most frequently used device of all. Surprising? Not at all, if you’ve been living on planet earth for at least the last decade. Despite that, not all in the tech industry fully understand the implications of the smartphones’ takeover, but those who do, will gain a huge competitive edge over the rest. First though, they have to adjust themselves to the mobile world.


According to Google’s study results from September 2016, 80% of people use their smartphones on a daily basis, whereas only 67% use a computer, and 16% a tablet. Moreover, 27% of all of them use a smartphone every day as their only device. An average person uses his smartphone for at least 3 hours every single day. When we see these numbers, it’s very hard for us to believe them, yet that’s our reality. You must be wondering what people like to do on their smartphones the most. Well, Google answered that question in the survey: they search. What do they search for? Everything. From auto repair to apparel, and from beauty and personal care to finance. The rule of thumb is the following: if you need anything these days, be it tangible or intangible, you turn to your best friend- Mr. Smartphone, and it refers you to his best friend- Mr. Google.


One of the main conclusions for small businesses, who want to advertise themselves efficiently these days, is that the effort must be diverted towards the small screen, otherwise they’re irrelevant. We, at Algomizer, are one step ahead in the game. Our revolutionary tool, Ad-Assistant, is the most advanced online advertising tool in the market today for mobile search. Upon joining Ad-Assistant, we automatically set your small business up with a whole campaign within minutes, with no effort on your part. Everything that is needed for launching the campaign is taken from your website automatically, including: necessary text, images, your logo, location and other info. You choose your advertising budget, and your campaign will be up and running in a jiffy. Once it’s launched, you will appear on the first page of Google whenever potential customers look for your kind of services in the area you chose. Since it’s crystal clear now that most of your potential customers seek your services using their smartphones, you bet we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, Ad-Assistant gives you a designed landing page as well, adjusted to both mobile phones and desktops. Each time a potential customer clicks on your ad using their smartphone, they’re automatically diverted to your business’s line, where they reach you directly to close new deals.


Now imagine the following script: someone has a flat tire, and needs roadside assistance. What are they going to do? Correct, go on their smartphone, Google “roadside assistance”, “flat tire” etc. and call one of the first four ads that appear on top. If you’re not there, you don’t exist. Studies have proven that they will never go beyond the first page, and neither would you. Ad-Assistant also provides your ad with more than a thousand keywords relevant for your service, free, to optimize your campaign. It means that whenever someone with a flat tire searches this service on Google, you’re going to appear there, since these words are included in your campaign. Don’t stay behind, it won’t be easy to close the gap later on!

Want to know more? Contact us today for more information, or visit Ad-Assistant’s page.


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