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We love gossiping about PPC secrets, tools and tips, about our new developments, and how they can help your business grow better and faster. In our blog we put our vast online marketing knowledge in a simple yet deep way so that you can acquire important tools, learn fast from assertive tips, and run your online campaign by yourself or, at least, know what your campaigner is doing with your budget. So… hands on! There’s a lot you can do today to improve your business!

March 28, 2017

Whether you specialize in e-commerce or the brick-and-mortar kind, you’re probably well aware that the internet has completely reshaped the way people shop, meaning it’s changed the way y...

February 20, 2017

On an annual basis, Google chooses the most leading companies (in different categories) among its premier partners, with the help of independent judges. Algomizer had successfully passed...

February 20, 2017

What was a pretty known fact even before the last survey conducted by Google, just got its ratification: the mobile phone has taken over most of our lives and clinched the top spot as the...

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