My SMB video - by Algomizer 

Revolutionary Tool for Small Businesses
to Create Videos with just One Click

My SMB Video is a revolutionary, one of its kind “do-it- yourself” tool, for the creation of promotional videos online for the small business. Its advanced algorithm automatically creates videos that include creative, and it uses HD technology of the highest level.

Each video is personally customized for each and every business.


Click on this demo to see how it works


How does it do all of that with just one click?

The answer is very simple:
The tool collects information from the Facebook/web page of the customer (yes, that is all it needs!), activates algorithms of different kinds that build all of the marketing materials that are required for launching the video, and inserts the campaign into social media.
All of that process is done automatically, without any involvement of the small business owner.

On top of that, this tool can be implemented on various social networks, including: YouTube, Facebook and more!

My SMB Video Main Features

  • Automatic video creation based on customer’s website or Facebook page

  • HD technology video

  • Vast editing video options

  • Video use for advertising on YouTube, Facebook and customer’s website

  • Change of video contents in just one click and in accordance with customer’s needs

  • Creation of advanced video ads on Facebook and YouTube

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