Premier Google Partner

Algomizer is a certified Premier Google Partner company.
What does that mean?

Algomizer's Certifications 

The Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner Program (PSP) links Google’s reliable and experienced AdWords partners with small and medium businesses that desire professional help in creating, managing and optimizing their online advertising campaigns. 

In addition to a thorough AdWords expertise, Google Premier Partners provide full-service campaign management, detailed reporting, one-on-one customer support (dedicated account manager), and broad marketing guidance to help small and medium businesses gain the most out of their online campaigns.


Premier SMB Partners meet Google’s highest and strictest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency, and customer support, which includes completing substantial Google product and account management training. This assures they can equip small businesses with the most effective AdWords advertising results.

In essence, this means a more profound expertise on our end, to better serve small and medium businesses, whom we care so deeply about.

Algomizer is Facebook's Partner

Facebook Marketing Partner:

Algomizer is a certified Facebook Marketing Partner company.
What does that mean?


Great things happen when the right solution meets the right need. Facebook Marketing Partners specialize in exactly what you are in need of – from content marketing to small business solutions – so you can boost your marketing campaign on Facebook's platform and beyond.

Facebook Marketing Partners are meticulously scrutinized not only for professional abilities and expertise in their respective fields, but also for a solid track record of success. This gives you the confidence to move at the speed you want, knowing you’re working with a proven partner.


According to what Facebook themselves state, only companies that meet their highest standard for capability and performance earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge, so you know they’re the best.

How do Algomizer's Premier Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner help our customers:

As a Premier Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner, we are obliged to meet higher levels of qualification, training, and customer support than any other AdWords or Facebook partner programs.
PSPs and Facebook Marketing Partners are hand-picked, audited by the due-diligence team, and Google/Facebook-trained and Google/Facebook-supervised.

Our dedicated account managers are certified Google experts, who went through intensive Google training and courses.
Consequently, Algomizer's staff now has access to new technical support and AdWords tools, the latest Google/Facebook beta technology and products, and support from Google.

Additionally, we have attained Google and Facebook's validation to use their platforms in order to continue promoting small and medium businesses.